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CPAP Filter

We can provide you with an ultra-fine CPAP Filter for ventilators. It effectively filters fine particles of PM2.5, ensuring that you get clean air and improve air quality during use.
The CPAP Filter uses glass fiber as the filter layer, and the single or double-sided composite synthetic fiber layer or the natural fiber layer as the protective layer on the filter layer solves the problem of “secondary pollution” caused by the easy fall of the glass fiber, and increases the mechanical strength of the product. The composite glass fiber filter paper has the characteristics of high tensile strength, large capacity of dirt, stable biochemical performance, high efficiency and low resistance, and is a purifying filter medium with excellent performance.
These CPAP Filters are disposable and should be replaced after a period of use, or if they appear dirty, they should be replaced as soon as possible.
This CPAP Filter is essential for those living in dusty homes and those living with pets. The ultra-fine filter will ensure that the air you breathe throughout the treatment is dust-free. With this filter, your CPAP machine also prevents dust, so it runs longer.
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