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Filter Bags

As a filter element, the filter bag is a key part of the filtration process. The quality of the filter bag largely determines the user's filtering effect. Our filter bags are made of high-quality filter cloth, equipped with a patented structural ring, and manufactured by professional production equipment. The filter bags are available in a variety of materials and specifications, which can be used to meet the needs of various fields.
We have filter bags made of different materials and they have different uses. The raw material of the filter bag is completely environmentally friendly without any special bleaching treatment. As the liquid flows through the filter bag, the particles will remain on the inner wall surface of the filter bag as well as in the deep layer due to the deep filtration mechanism. It therefore has a high trapping rate for solid or colloidal particles.
The outer surface of the filter bag is heat-treated by a high-temperature surface, that is, an instant sintering technique/calendering treatment is applied, which can effectively prevent the fiber from being lost by high-speed impact of the liquid during filtration. This not only ensures the phenomenon of filtrate contamination caused by fiber-free detachment, but also avoids excessive clogging of the filter pores caused by the conventional rolling treatment, thereby shortening the life of the filter bag, and the pressure difference is small and does not affect the flow rate.
Our filter bags are uniform in thickness with a constant opening ratio and sufficient strength. Therefore, its filtering effect is stable and the application time is long. Tight sewing ensures that it achieves the best filtration guarantee.
We are one of the leading filter bags manufacturers and suppliers in China. You have the ability to source the best quality filter bags wholesale direct from our factory here.
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