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Air Filtration Bags

Our air filter bags are used for the filtration of airborne dust particles from the air supply system to meet the requirements of a dust-free production environment. It can also be used for industrial exhaust gas treatment in exhaust systems. The filter material contains electrostatic fibers, and the filtration efficiency against micron dust is particularly good. It has high dust holding capacity, high gas permeability and long service life.
Our air filter bag uses a special high-flux low-resistance chemical fiber cloth as the filter material, which has a large dust holding capacity. There is a frame inside the filter bag to support the filter bag to prevent the filter bag from collapsing, and it helps to remove and redistribute the dust. The dust bag has the characteristics of high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, easy cleaning, water and oil proof, and antistatic.
The filter bags themselves are made of clean filter cloth in a clean production environment to prevent secondary pollution caused by the unclean filter bag itself. The filter bag made of non-woven fabric is treated with singeing and calendering to prevent secondary pollution caused by fiber shedding.
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