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Oil Removal Filter Bags

oil removal filter bags

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Zhenxing® oil absorb Filter Bags have an all-welded multi-pleated construction for high efficiency and long life. This series of bags has a pleated prefiltration layer and a complex design of final filtration layers, allowing the removal of difficult-to-filter gels and deformable particles with a high capacity of solids loading. The outer web covering eliminates any downstream fiber migration.

This version Filter Bags are available in three different efficiency ratings so you can choose your exact required filtration efficiency.

We have filtration efficiencies from 95 to 99%, with a dirt-holding capacity of over 2 pounds. Among the many applications of our oil absorb Series Filter Bags are oils, slurries, dilute oil removal, Re-circulating batch systems, and systems with heavy contamination

High-Efficiency Performance

• 100% welded seams 

• PP ring or PE ring

• Meltblown filtration media in polypropylene or polyester

• No additives, such as resins, binders or surface treatments