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Stainless Steel Filter Bags

Stainless steel filter bags

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Stainless steel filter bag




Zhenxing® Filter bag provide a thorough and reliable solution for optimizing your air and water filtration system. We manufacture and supply various types of filter bag, including stainless steel filter bag, fiberglass filter bag, polyester anti-static filter bag and so on. Zhenxing® stainless steel filter bags are used whole-welding technology which is different from the sewing. It is more effectively prevent the leak with repeated use.

Material: stainless steel 304 meshes, stainless steel 316meshes, stainless steel 316Lmeshes, they are mostly 20-800 mesh (25μ -840μ ).

Advantages: High strength, smooth surface, acid resisting, alkaline resisting, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly.

Application: widely used in cement industry, steel industry, chemical industry, food industry.

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