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Spa Filter Cartridge Replacement

Spa Filter Cartridge Replacement

pleated polypropylene cartridge

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Product Details

Product Specifications

Materials of Construction:     

·Filter Media:CB-B Series Bonded Porous Activated Carbon with Polyethylene Binders

CB-WS Series Carbon Impregnated Fibers Protected by Upstream and Downstream Polypropylene String Wound Fibers

CB-RC Series Powder Activated Carbon Impregnated Polyester

·Outer Netting: CB-B Series Polyethylene

CB-WS Series None

CB-RC Series Polyethylene
·End Cap:CB-B Series Polypropylene

CB-WS Series None

CB-RC Series Polypropylene
·Inner / Outer Wrap: CB-B Series Polypropylene

CB-WS Series Polypropylene String Wound Fibers 

CB-RC Series None

Dimensions (Nominal)

·Lengths: 10” to 30” (254mm to 762mm)

·Outside Diameter: 2.56” (65mm)

·Removal Rating: CB-B Series 5µm

CB-WS Series  5µm

 CB-RC Series 5µm


1. pleated design increased surface area and contaminant removal

2. longer filtration runs for fewer change-outs and fewer maintenance times
3. low-pressure drop
4. designed for general water filtration purpose

5. Voluble molding of fiber glass reinforced plastics,

6. Corrosion resistant, good abrasion resistance,deforming-proof.

7. Uniquely designed distribution make a stable and even water flow to improve drainage system.


1. Mineral water, purified water, ozone, strong oxidizing liquid filtration
2. High-temperature liquids filtration
3. Strong alkali, acids, corrosive liquids filtration


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