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Advantages of bag type dust collector
- Oct 17, 2016 -

1, high efficiency, and can be filtered from the small dust particles larger than 0.3 microns and dust removal efficiency may reach more than 99%.

2, the use of flexible, air capacity may be hundreds of cubic metres per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic metres per hour, can be located directly to the Interior, small unit near the machine, also the dust could be made into a large room, or "bag".

3, the structure is simple, run more stable, less initial investment (compared with electrostatic precipitators), easy maintenance.

Therefore, the bag is widely used in the Elimination of dust pollution, improve the environment, recycled materials

Common treatment methods

1, burn treatment

Burning equipment, treatment of needle felt filter single-sided and double-sided with ordinary Singeing and calendering processing an unparalleled advantage, increasing the cleaning performance of the filter, but also meet the fine dust collection.

2, antistatic treatment

The concentration of dust in a specific State, when sparks caused by friction or burning of electrostatic phenomena.

So for flammable dusts should use the antistatic treatment of needle felt filter material. Antistatic filter is a filter fiber mix

Conductive fibers (including binary conductive fiber, graphite conductive fibers conductive fiber and stainless steel), making the entire filter material has conductive properties

3, water and oil proof

Needle punched felt filter material with fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated oil waterproof, wet dust (especially to the absorbent, hygroscopic powder) easier to trap the dust on the surface of the filter bag, to avoid and mitigate the occurrence of paste.

4, easy cleaning

Uses patented technology to produce dense ash punched felt filter material itself and breathable, with good cleaning properties, and working long hours in a high filtration velocity.