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Development of bag filter industry
- Oct 17, 2016 -

The late 70 's, in the introduction, absorption of bag-type dust collecting technology in foreign countries on the basis of domestic first production bag filters of the enterprise; the last century 80 's, in the country's reform and opening up policy driven by downstream industries on the basis of introducing advanced foreign technology, synchronization set introduced a group of bag-type dust collector, the advanced and efficient dust removal effect is widely accepted. The research, and design units and the backbone enterprise in introduced, and Digest, and absorption of based Shang, combined domestic the industry application of need, development and design has a has independent intellectual property bags type dust collector, and get success using, makes domestic of bags type dust collector products varieties increasingly complete, production also reached must scale, after years development, domestic bags type dust collector industry emerged out has a backbone enterprise, technology and products quality has up international advanced level, but overall,, industry within most enterprise scale partial small, Small number of dominant enterprises. Host 2005-2008 bag manufacturing sales increased from 2.296 billion yuan to 6.185 billion yuan, a compound annual growth rate of 39.14%.

Policies are more rigid, broad market space

Filter industry is policy-driven industries, national environmental standards development, revision played a direct role in the development of the industry. With the increasingly serious air pollution, States have been revised emission standards for various sectors. Compared with the existing 5-50mg/Nm3 emission standard of air pollutants in Europe and America, our emission standards of air pollutants is more relaxed, the State is in the process of further strict emission standards for various sectors, to be executed in the new emission standard of air pollutants for thermal power plants, emission limit values will be increased from 50mg/Nm3 to 30mg/Nm3, other industry emission standards of air pollutants amendments will also be launched.