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Dust bag
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Dust bag is the bag's heart, commonly known as dust bag, dust bag, dust bag, dust bag, dust bag. Dust bag is the bag the availability of key parts, usually hang vertically in cylindrical filter bag dust collector.

Duster or dust removal equipment is separated from the flue gas dust device. Also known as filter bag dust filter type dust collector, is a dry filter, it is the use of textile production of bag-type filter elements to capture solid particles in dust-containing gas dust removal device. Its principles are dust particles in orbit around the filter cloth fibers due to inertia forces collide with fiber and was blocked.

Pulse air-box pulsed dust collector, dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. When the dust concentration in the gas filter, set of arrested dust in the outer surface of the filter bag, and clean air through the filter into the filter bag inside. Filter bag inside the cage to support the filter bag to prevent collapse of the filter bag, and it contributes to dust cake removal and redistribution.

Dust bag fabrics and should be designed to minimize the pursuit of high performance filter and easy dust removal and durable effect. Selection of dust bag is essential, it directly affects the dust collector and dust removal effect, select the used dust bag choose from the following aspects: the temperature of a gas, wave climate and chemical, particle size, concentration of dust, filtration velocity, cleaning methods and other factors.

Dust bag is a bag with accessory bag, made from non-woven cloth and woven together. In fire power, and steel, and cement, and chemical, industry production process in the, will produced large of dust and flue gas, to on atmosphere and human caused serious of pollution, so, national on this class enterprise of atmosphere emissions developed has strictly of requirements, and bags type dust is widely using of a ideal dust way, dust bags (dust filter bags) was called bags type dust collector of heart, for dust effect up to very important of role.