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Dust bag damage caused reason
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Dust bag in use after a period of time there will be problems, enough for us to pay attention to these issues, only solve these minor problems can make the normal smooth operation of the dust collector. So what is the impact factors of dust bag problems, we can see: a dust bag processing, product quality is particularly important. In recent years, a number of small manufacturers in a small sewing machines for processing equipment, and poor quality line for materials processing, the real ones, the processing level is far behind. 

Filter bags used not a long time thrown open, RIP, off the bottom and so on. Bag size smaller of course, you can also use, but absorbed a large proportion of dust, and used for a period of time will be thrown off the bag. Two cloth dust bag, dust media choice in the dust of the dust, take into account the dust contained acid, alkali or corrosive stronger material. According to selection for dust filtering material, so that the normal absorption of the filter bag dust, and do not affect its service life. Third, the use of the temperature accurately choose appropriate temperature of the dust filter bag, is the hub of the filter bag. If through high temperature, the dust bag attached to outside of the normal working temperature, ranging from reduced service life of the filter bag, Stern will burn in a short time. Therefore, the determination must be calculated in the selection of filter bag dust collector inlet temperature, the choice of the dust bag. IV filtration velocity. Baghouse filtration velocity is too high, are the main reasons damaged dust bag.