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Dust bag filter materials choice
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Bag is generally based on the dust concentration in the gas properties, properties of dust and dust cleaning mode select, choice should be guided by the following principles:

(1) filter performance should meet the production conditions and dust removal technology in General and specific requirements.

(2) in the above context, should as far as possible the option of using long-life filter, this is because long life can save operating costs, and can meet the requirements of gas discharge for a long time.

(3) select filter is to filter the sort comparison, should not use a so-called "good" filter to adapt to various conditions.

(4) the nature of gas and dust and ash in the Select filter should grasp the main influencing factors, such as high temperature gases, flammable dust.

According to the nature of dust concentration in the gas choice

(1) the temperature of the gas. Dust concentration in the gas temperature are important factors in the selection of the filter. Usually dust concentration in the gas becomes less than 130 ℃ ambient gases, more than 130 ℃ high temperature dust gas into gas, so filter can be divided into two broad categories: that is, less than 130 ℃ high temperature filter material of normal temperature filter material and more than 130. Flue gas temperatures should be based on appropriate media. Temperature 130~200℃ gas-temperature filter optional.

The temperature resistance of the filter has "continuous use temperature for a long time" and "the moment two short-term temperature." Continuous use temperature for a long time "refers to the filter material can be used, continuous running temperature for a long time, should be used with this temperature filter material. "The moment two short-term temperature" refers to the filter for each day are not allowed to exceed the temperature of 10min, long time, filter softened and deformed.

(2) air humidity. Dust concentration in the gas according to the relative humidity can be divided into three States: relative humidity below 30% for dry gas at a relative humidity between 30%~80% for General State, relative humidity of the gas is more than 80% is for high humidity gas. For high humidity gas at high temperature State, especially with SO3 in dust-containing gas, gas cooling and condensation. This would not only be surface scaling and clogging of the filter bag, structural materials and corrosion, require special attention...