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Dust collector filter bag power plant applications:
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Using lab, a ratio only dust bag compartment to the best. Power plant lost coal belt reproduced points with of bag dust collector run a time Hou on into has deaf of ear, exists easy jam problem. wet type fiber gate dust collector units processing air of volume only bag of 30%. dust efficiency although no bag high, but on coal dust of breathing sex dust also can reached 97%, resistance not over 1200 PA, maximum advantages is not jam, so currently China coal mine well Xia 60% of dust collector are is wet type fiber gate dust collector received coal powder with dust bag didn't problem, You need to dust collection area 4166~5000 square meters, has taken 3 "Diaphragm valves, each valve in 96 square meters no problem blowing by your decision, it is recommended that you use a low-voltage pulse dust or air-box pulsed dust collector, most notably must set the valve, the ash bucket angle greater than 63 degrees, otherwise there will be an explosion hazard!

Two cleaning cleaning cycle time interval, you want cleaning cycle as long as possible, dust resistance under the condition of the economy functioning. Therefore, the dust, the dust concentration have to be carefully studied and depending on the cleaning method to determine the cleaning cycle and time adjusting and commissioning to achieve better cleaning parameters.

In the running time, often there will be some unexpected situations in advance, such as abnormal temperature, pressure, water will cause damage to new devices. Dust removal equipment commissioning quality directly affects whether they are put into normal operation, such as improper handling, dust collector bag will probably soon lose their effectiveness, therefore, commissioning of dust collector must be careful and prudent.