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Dust removal equipment industry willing defenders of urban air
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Let we the people of the 21st century for China's smog begin to dust with a preliminary understanding. Love our industry more and more air pollution should be around our planet, we must pay attention to.

2015 analysis of dedusting industry of China, trends in air pollution emission control is a key factor to dust the long-term sustainable development of the industry as China's industrialization and urbanization process accelerated, burst air pollution problems, large-area smog event continues to occur, inspired people towards the PM205 ultra fine dust emissions of concern. The industry policy-driven industries, national standard for pollution control on the formulation, revision played a direct role in the development of the industry. In recent years, cement, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, thermal power plants and other industries were revised a new emission standard of air pollutants and dust play a very active role in the long-term sustainable development of the industry.

Bag filter industry applications gradually expanded. Bag-type dust collector filter technology, the rapid development of pulse jet technology, further extends the field of application of bag type dust collector. Industry within of backbone enterprise through production process of automation upgrade, achieved has main parts of automation and scale production, to reduced bags type dust equipment of production cost, and also, high-end filter material (filter bags) of localization trend will makes cement kiln head kiln tail, and steel, industry bags type dust collector in the domestic filter material using proportion increasingly high, corresponding reduced has bags type dust collector investment cost, bags type dust industry application field gradually expanded.

This is about the major events of our planet, we must pay attention to.