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Selection of filter dust bag
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Each filter has its own characteristics and parameters selection of air filter material must be aware of the following parameters: diameter of temperature, humidity, dust, gases, chemical characteristics of mechanical fixing, dust and abrasive, dust collector. Such as cleaning, installation, and so on.

Dust bags are dealing with gas, the size of dust concentration, directly affect the resistance and service life of the filter bags, filter attached on the surface of the filter bag dust layers thick, its resistance is greater and greater influence on the service life of the filter bags. Oval type filter bag is mainly used in this device is considered for Rotary cleaning and spraying mouth can have a greater chance at above the Pocket. Select low pressure pulse dust removal. In the use of glass fiber membrane filter bags, low pressure pulse dust removal is made. According to the scene each device can be designed as single rooms, double rooms and rooms, each room can have one or more bundles of the filter bag, which is typical of modular design. First of all between the Chamber and the average, followed by entering the hopper throughout the Interior of the average. When the pulse air flow purging bag filter, bags high pressure air flow make the choke the rapid expansion of the filter bag, filter bag would have a dislocation between the fibers under high pressure, more pressure, shear surface friction is larger, shorter service life of the filter bag. Resistance of the filter bag, filter velocity into a square, if the wind speed is too large it will make initial resistance is too large, would be on the film local "Punch", which makes fabric wear and impact and longevity.