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Use of filter bags
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Filter sealed filter: Filter bag and matching filter is used, using fluid pressure, squeeze the liquid through the filter bags in order to achieve the purpose of filtering. Flow speed, large capacity, long service life of the filter bag advantages, particularly adapted to large flow is a sealed filter '.

Self-opening filter: Filter bag by fitting the connector directly connected to the pipes, fluid gravity filter pressure difference. Its distinguishing feature is no investment in equipment, filter is simple and practical, especially for small, a variety of species, intermittent budget liquid filtration.

Is a dry filter dust bag dust collector. It is suitable for capturing small, dry, non-fibrous dust. Filter bags used textile of filter cloth or non-textile of felt made, using fiber fabric of filter role on containing dust gas for filter, dang containing dust gas into bags type dust collector to, particles big, and than major of dust, due to gravity of role settlement down, fall into gray bucket, contains more small dust of gas in through filter material Shi, dust was resistance left, makes gas get purification. Generally new filter efficiency is not high enough. Filter used for a period of time, due to screening such as stranding, collision, and diffusion, electrostatic effects, a layer of dust accumulation on the surface of the filter bag, this layer of dust called the first layer, after this process, layer filter main filter at the beginning, relying on the role of early, large mesh filter can also obtain high filtration efficiency. With the accumulation of dust on the filter surface, corresponding increases efficiency and resistance of the filter when filter pressure difference on both sides of a large, attached some squeezed past tiny dust particles on a filter, filter efficiency decreases. In addition, higher dust resistance will cause significant drop of air cleaning system. Therefore, the filter resistance to reach a certain value, cleaning in time. Cannot be damaged when cleaning to avoid inefficiency.

Baghouse structure mainly composed of upper box, the middle box, lower body (hopper), soot and ash bodies and other components of the system.

Bag filter performance is good or bad, in addition to the correct selection of the filter bag material, cleaning system for bag dust collector plays a decisive role. To this end, the cleaning method is to distinguish between any of the bag, bag filters run in the important link.