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Air Filter Bag With High Permeability
- Sep 25, 2017 -

The air filter bag uses the low resistance Non-woven cloth filter material more, bag-type structure with large air volume, small resistance, large volume of dust, high filtration precision, the advantages of convenient replacement, products are widely used in automobiles, electronic pharmacy, food, Air Filtration Bags central air-conditioning centralized ventilation system filtration, to ensure the cleanliness of the pipeline air supply.

The air filter bag is made of super synthetic fiber to avoid the discomfort caused by the old fiberglass material. Filter material contains electrostatic fiber, Air Filtration Bags this micron dust filtration efficiency is particularly good, with high volume of dust and high permeability, high service life and so on.

air filter Bag Application:

Precision electronic industry, electronics factory, hospital, laboratory, sterile room, aseptic workshop, National Defense Factory, tobacco, air conditioning system dust-free room, commercial building, theater, station, painting Workshop, school, computer room, Air Filtration Bags and other environmental protection projects.

air filter bag. It comprises a bag body, a support plate and an inlet set on the support plate, the support plate is bonded with the bag body and comprises a scented bag connected with the bag body, wherein the scented bag comprises a first cover film, a second covering film, a scented and an opening part, Air Filtration Bags wherein the first coated film and the second cladding film are connected to form a sealed cavity, The scented is arranged on the first cladding film and the second cladding film connection to form a sealing cavity body, wherein the opening part is arranged on the first coated film or the second covering film. Through the scented bag in advance to roll out the dotted line and the shape of the opening plate, the use of tearing open the opening plate, so that scented release fragrance slowly, lasting incense, that is, the scented protected carrier, at the same time, Air Filtration Bags the structure of the scented will not be contaminated by dust.