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Air Filter Bags Have Good Air Tightness
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Air filter bag is divided into air conditioning filter bag and dust bag.

Air filter bag is mainly used for air-conditioning system air dust particles filter, Air Filtration Bags to achieve dust-free production environment requirements. Dust bag is mainly used for exhaust gas system industrial tail gas treatment.

Also known as the air conditioning system bag filter, according to the different levels of efficiency, divided into G3, G4 primary filter bag, F5, F6, F7, F8 in the efficiency of the filter bag, F9 sub-efficient filter bag. According to the different materials, there are glass fiber filter bags, synthetic fiber filter bags, non-woven filter bags.

Air filter bags Applications: precision electronics industry, electronics factory, hospital, laboratory, sterile room, sterile plant, defense factory, tobacco, Air Filtration Bags air conditioning system clean room, commercial building, theater, station, paint shop, school, computer room , And other environmental ventilation projects.

The air filter bag comprises a bag body, a support plate and an air inlet provided on the support plate, the support plate is bonded with the bag body, and further comprises a fragrance bag connected with the bag body, the fragrance bag comprises a first coating film , A second coating film, Air Filtration Bags a fragrance sheet and an opening portion, and the first coating film and the second coating film are connected to form a sealed cavity, and the fragrance sheet is provided on the first coating film and the second coating film And a sealing chamber provided on the first coating film or the second coating film. By preliminarily rolling out the dashed line and the shape of the opening plate on the fragrance bag, the opening plate is torn off so that the fragrance is released with a slow scent and lasting fragrance, that is, the fragrance has a protective carrier, and at the same time, Air Filtration Bags Fragrant tablets will not be dust pollution.

Air filter bag frame: generally 21 mm thick aluminum frame or galvanized box, each filter bag in front of aluminum trough, followed by a metal stiffeners fixed to increase the strength of the filter and to prevent the filter bag at high wind speed , Due to the friction of the wind and rupture. Non-woven filter bag Each filter bag has six septums are divided into the bag width, to prevent the bag with the wind pressure over the expansion, mutual shelter, Air Filtration Bags reduce the effective filtration area and efficiency. Ultrasonic Edge: Each filter bag edge are used ultrasonic fusion, with good air tightness and bonding strength, does not produce leakage or rupture.

Air filter bag characteristics: air filter bags using super-synthetic fibers made of special weave, to avoid the old glass fiber materials may cause discomfort to the human body. Air Filtration Bags Filter containing static fiber, the micron dust filter efficiency is particularly good, with high dust and high permeability, high service life and so on.

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