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Application Of Chemical Filter Bags
- Oct 17, 2016 -

1, chemical filter bags cheap price: compared with the similar filtration products, filters, filter press, centrifuge than using filter flow than the chemical filter bag, so you need to add more filter, so the product cost, artificial replacement cost of waste disposal costs will be greatly enhanced. And centrifuges in use when there is a big security risk, while high power of centrifuges, in the tariff is not a small overhead. So the above said, chemical filter using chemical filter bag will be the best choice.

2, chemical filter bag the filter effect: chemical filter bag adopts international standards within the EATON rings, bags are all hot-melt process. This guarantee does not appear in the filter side leakage, and hot-melt technology can avoid filter connection side of the biggest leakage problem.

3, chemical filter bag for extreme conditions: chemical filter bag liquid filter bags for applications in the chemical industry, the challenge of working conditions are extreme sometimes, and chemical filtration bag can very well afford to PH1-14 this pH range, 70000 CPS viscosity, temperatures up to 120 °. High impurity content, high traffic requirements using chemical filtration bag matching filter will solve all the problems.

1, the Recycle of activated carbon: in chemical production process, usually we use activated carbon to adsorption liquid odor and color, in the process of activated carbon will be fully dissolved into a liquid, this will need activated carbon chemical filter to filter the liquid and sufficient filtering, chemical liquid to achieve customer satisfaction.

2, recovery of catalysts: catalysts in the chemical industry is more extensive use of an agent, whether sewage treatment, the pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry is essential, use catalysts to speed up processing speed, suspended solids and liquid to form a new reaction, this time using chemical filtration bags filter catalyst reaction suspension, there remains yet the reaction catalyst. Chemical filter bags are the most suitable filtration products.

3, paint and coatings: chemical filter bag in the production of paints, is the most widely used filter. Due to the special paint process can add pigment, resin, adhesion agent and other products, so we should use chemical filtration bags filter resin, gelatin, ground particles of pigment and store pollutants.