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Application Of Filter Bag In Chemical Industry
- Jun 23, 2017 -

Filter Bag Introduction:

1, filter bag is mainly applied in the chemical industry of liquid filtration, its main function is to filter the chemical liquid particles impurities, surface suspension agents, catalysts, gelatin, activated carbon, abrasive particles and so on. Filter bag in 1-25 micron filtration accuracy, there is this irreplaceable function, at the same time the most cost-effective filtering method, which is also one of the best-selling point filter bag.

2, the filter bag can withstand a variety of complex working conditions, Filter Bags strong acid base, high viscosity, high temperature, high impurity content, only need to provide real field conditions, you can choose the most suitable for the production of filter bags.

3, filter bag filter effect is also relatively good, we use the loop in the circle, through the pressure plate tightly sealed, there will be no side leakage of the case, while the bag-type filter bag using hot melt technology, while the traditional line seam technology will appear 800-1200 side leakage, Filter Bags this point in the filter bag will not appear such problems.

Characteristics of the filter bag:

1. The price of filter bag is economical and affordable: in comparison with the same filter products, filter, filter, centrifuge, compared to the use of filter cartridge because the flow is less than filter bag, so we need to add more filter, so the cost of the product, manual replacement costs, waste disposal costs will be greatly improved. While the centrifuge in use, there is a great safety hazard, Filter Bags at the same time the power of the centrifuge is very high, in the electricity bill is also a small amount of overhead. So combined with the above mentioned, chemical filtration using filter bags will be the best choice.

2 Filter Bag Filtration effect: The filter bag adopts the international standard Eaton Varus Circle, the bag body adopts all hot melt process processing. This will ensure that there is no side leakage in the filter, and the hot melt process can also be the largest to avoid the leakage of the connection at the side of the problem.

3, filter bag to apply extreme conditions: Filter bag As the application in the chemical industry of liquid filter bags, to challenge the working conditions are sometimes more extreme, and filter bags can be very good to withstand Ph1-14 this acid-base range, cps viscosity 70000, temperature 120 within. Filter Bags High impurity content, the flow requirements of the use of a filter bag supporting the multi-bag filter can solve the problem.