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Application Of Filter Element In Food Industry
- Jul 07, 2017 -

Filter filters are widely used in industrial production, which can also be applied to food industry, building recycling water treatment, sewage treatment, drinking water treatment, industrial recycling water treatment, golf course water treatment, mining industry water Treatment, construction, petroleum, Pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, power generation, steel, paper, plastics, chemical, Filter Cartridges automotive industry and other fields, we introduce today in the food industry application.

The content of the food industry is very complex, mainly including sugar, meat, brewing, dairy processing and other production processes, the waste water discharged is organic, Filter Cartridges has a strong oxygen consumption, and a large number of suspended materials will be discharged with the waste water. If it is animal food processing, discharged waste water also contains animal excrement, blood, fur and so on, and may contain bacteria, so the food industry's wastewater is highly polluting.

The treatment of wastewater in food industry is generally using air floatation, coagulation sedimentation, adsorption, but the removal effect is very unstable, Filter Cartridges and the cost of operation is relatively high, management is not very convenient.

Filter filters The food wastewater has been used in many kinds of food wastewater treatment, from the application, it is shown that the filter is of high efficiency, low cost of operation and simple operation and management, the effluent can meet the standard of "comprehensive sewage discharge standard", and some manufacturers will recycle the water after treatment. Filter can be used to waste water.

The waste water of the food industry can be filtered through filter of filter, the waste water is purified and recycled, the value of material recycle is high, Filter Cartridges economic benefit and environmental benefit are remarkable.

Filter filters for wastewater treatment have the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving. Because of the particularity of the production process of food products and the innovation of the products. Therefore, waste water treatment has a certain degree of difficulty. Filter filters for treatment of food industry wastewater and its resources will have a good development prospects