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Classification Of Bag Type Dust Collector
- Oct 17, 2016 -

The development of modern industry, which leap, increasing demand for the bag, so the filter material, filter bag shape, structure, box cleaning constantly updated in terms of development. In filter, bag type up, classified according to their characteristics can be different.

First, are categorized by the pressure in the bag type dust collector

Classified by pressure bag can be divided into two types of pressure filter and filter.

(1) positive-pressure type dust collector, fan setting in front of House, which was working under pressure. Because of the dust concentration in the gas through the fan, fan wear is more serious, high concentration, therefore does not apply to coarse particles, hardness and corrosive dust.

(2) negative pressure Duster, Duster after which the fan, dust collector working under negative pressure, because of the dust concentration in the gas purification before entering the fan, so the fan wearing a small, used more in this way.

Is a dry filter dust bag dust collector. It is suitable for capturing small, dry, non-fibrous dust. Filter bags used textile of filter cloth or non-textile of felt made, using fiber fabric of filter role on containing dust gas for filter, dang containing dust gas into bags type dust collector to, particles big, and than major of dust, due to gravity of role settlement down, fall into gray bucket, contains more small dust of gas in through filter material Shi, dust was resistance left, makes gas get purification. We know the composition of the bag below:

Filter bags dust collector by into wind tube, and row wind tube, and box, and gray bucket, and clear gray device, and filter bags and the electric control device composition, which in the axis layout is important, filter bags is bags type dust collector run process in the of key part, filter bags of fabric and design should as pursuit efficient filter, and easily dust stripping and the durable effect, usually cylinder type filter bags vertical to hanging in dust collector in the box spent Board Shang, also can tilt layout in spent Board Shang, with bolt fixed, and Zhi has rubber pad; spent Board Xia part for filter room, upper is divided into net gas room. Outside of bolted, filter bags, more convenient method of automatic locking device is reset and rubber clamping device, the two methods for installation and maintenance is very convenient.

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