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Dust Filter Cartridges Cleaning And Maintenance
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Containing dust gas from dust filter tube entrance into Hou, by diversion tube into the unit room, in diversion device of role Xia, big particles dust separation Hou directly fall into gray bucket, remaining dust with air uniform into the warehouse room filter district in the of dust filter, dang containing dust gas through dust filter tube Shi, dust that was adsorption in dust filter tube Shang, and was purification of gas from filter within excluded.

When dust on the filter reaches a certain thickness of the solenoid valve to open, blowing air from the dust filter cartridges made for the exit to bottom and excluded in the opposite direction of the gas into the cartridge will be adsorbed on the outside of the dust in the Qing dynasty fell to the ash bucket below, after the ash discharging valve, the dust conveying system is sent out. Dust filter can be automatically and continuously carry out the ash, it is at any given time there is only a set of (2) offline cleaning the dust filter.

Dust filter cartridges cleaning process, pulse control device connected to a power supply of electromagnetic pulse valve, diaphragm valve Jet pulse of high pressure air, high pressure air from the inside out through the dust filter, attached to the outer surface of the dust canister dust removing, dust particles falling into the dust bucket and then into the dust bin.

Compressed air pressure adjust best to 0.6Mpa,0.6-0.7Mpz the pressure of compressed air is the most standard cleaning function to meet the set value. Compressed air pressure value is smaller, smaller consumption pulse valve. Pulse jet control device and can be adjusted to clean the dust filter every two minutes, that is connected to a diaphragm valve every two minutes, to increase the cleaning power, can increase the pressure of compressed air, but should not be more than 0.7Mpa.