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Dust Removal: Set Off New Environmental Indicators Are More Rigid
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Dedusting industry investment opportunities from the growing importance of global environmental protection.   

Meanwhile, core components-bag filter bag's performance continues to progress and the background of falling prices, we believe that the bag filter with the industry as a whole in the future expansion and development and share the double investment opportunities within the industry. 1. emission reduction targets, promoting environmental investment continuing to increase the current, global is the rise of a new environmental movement will make energy saving and environmental protection industries to become 21st century one of the world's most promising industries. As the world's second-largest economy and the biggest developing country, is bound in the global environmental movement and establish a responsible image of green power.

The State Council issued the "Twelve-Five" integrated energy-saving and emission reduction work programme put forward clearly, by 2015, the national energy consumption dropped to 0.869 million gross tons (in 2005 prices), 1.034 tons of 2010 fell 16%; chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emission control were 23.476 million tons, 20.864 million tons in 2010, decreased 8% National ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxide emissions at 2.38 million tons and 20.462 million tons respectively in 2010, decreased 10%. This fully shows the intensity and commitment in the field of environmental protection work in China. For years, energy saving and environmental protection industry has maintained fast development rate, the annual growth rate is higher than GDP in the same period. Along with the "Twelve-Five" implementation of energy saving and emission reduction targets, is expected not only in the field of investment increases, its share of the GDP will increase year by year. According to international experience, in the period of rapid economic growth, only by increasing investment in environmental protection, environmental protection industry reach 3% of GDP in order to more effectively control pollution, changes in environmental protection and economic development.