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Filter Bag Our Life Has Brought A Lot Of Help
- Sep 14, 2017 -

With the development of society, the wide range of filtration products applied to all parts of our lives, has become an essential filtering tool, filter into a part of people's healthy life, so the filter bag, bag filter with the development of the manufacture of each Different styles, so the filter bags are endless, we have to see what characteristics it has;

Filter bag is generally 21 mm thick aluminum frame or galvanized box, each filter bag in front of aluminum trough, followed by a metal reinforcement to increase the filter strength, and to prevent the filter bag at high wind speed, due to wind The friction and rupture. Filter bag Each filter bag has six septums divided into the bag width, to prevent the bag with the wind pressure over the expansion, mutual shelter, Filter Bags reduce the effective filtration area and efficiency.

Ultrasonic Edge: Each filter bag edge are used ultrasonic fusion, with good air tightness and bonding strength, does not produce leakage or rupture. Synthetic fiber filter bags, filter bags using super-synthetic fibers made of special weave, to avoid the old glass fiber materials may cause discomfort to the human body. Filter Bags Filter containing static fiber, the micron dust filter efficiency is particularly good, with high dust and high permeability, high service life and so on.

It can be seen, the filter bag widely appeared in various fields, for our lives has brought great help, I believe in the near future filter bag can create another different scene for our country to make more contributions.

What is the role of the filter bag in the filter? As one of the other important parts of the filter, whether it is any product, Filter Bags its quality to a large extent determine the user's filtering effect. Is also a key part of the filtration process, the choice of filter bags should generally use the world's leading enterprises produced by the filter cloth, and the use of professional production equipment made, preferably with the patent structure of the ring. Wo benefits filter professional purification 12 years, Filter Bags has a wealth of experience in purification technology, for the choice of filter bags, due to the real life of the filter bag filter bag material, complete specifications. So when you choose the filter bag also according to their own needs to choose.

Filter bags generally according to their own performance is divided into many different types, each have its own characteristics