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Filter Bags Are Widely Used In Food And Beverage Industry
- Aug 23, 2017 -

Now people's environmental awareness is very strong, so the use of the filter bag is very wide, in the hospital, laboratory, school, computer room, etc. have the occasion to use the filter bag, filter bag it can Air conditioning in the application, so long as the use of air conditioning where the filter bag has played a great role in the use of filter bags what kind of benefits?

1 filter bag It is used in the industrial sewing production mode, Filter Bags so it is in the process of using silicone oil pollution is not the problem in the use of life.

2 in the use of filter bags, it uses advanced technology, in the use of the phenomenon will not have the phenomenon of eye leakage side of the phenomenon, Filter Bags it is in the production process is very good.

3 When using a liquid filter bag, it is still a stainless steel tin welding technology, which makes the chance of side leakage smaller, Filter Bags because its technology can be used to improve the degree of its seal, so that The wetness of the error becomes very small, the degree of sealing becomes high.

4 filter bag also has a good filter accuracy, the use of the filter material is also very good, so that its quality greatly improved.

We all know that the main role of the filter bag is a filter element, it is the filtration process can be successfully completed one of the most important factors, or even can be said to be the most critical part of the filter bag and the quality of the Good or bad will directly affect the customer for the filter effect requirements, in other words, the better the quality of the filter bag, Filter Bags its filter effect will be relatively improved, so customers will be more satisfied with the filtering effect. For example, in China, and even many countries in the world some of the more well-known enterprises, they are selected are some very good quality filter bag, and they put the filter bag as a filter cloth to use, and then with the A patented filter on the structure of the ring, especially in some professional production equipment.

There are many different types of filter bags, Filter Bags so that customers can choose according to their actual needs, and the size and size of the filter bag is also a lot of options, so that you can ensure that the filter bag can be extensive Is used for any work environment. In general, if you choose the type of filter bag is a liquid filter bag, then by observing its ring, we will find it using high-quality stainless steel, and some will use some pp material or PE material as its main production of raw materials, Filter Bags and its bag bottom and bag top design is also a lot of different characteristics.

Filter bags using silicone-free high-speed industrial sewing machine production, will not produce silicone oil pollution problems; all welded filter bags using advanced hot melt seamless welding technology. All the filter bags are stitched or hot-melt stable, processed after the mouth paste paste placed in the container, with the unique design of the filter to form a tight seal.

Filter bag filtration accuracy range from 1-300 microns, Filter Bags pocket can have stainless steel, galvanized steel ring, PE / PP plastic seals. Filter bags are widely used in food and beverage, paint, chemical, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical and so on