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Filter Bags Are Widely Used In Food And Beverage Industry
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The main function of the filter bag is as a kind of filter component, it is the entire filtration process can be successfully completed one of the most important factors, can even be said to be the most critical link, and the quality of the filter bag will directly affect the customer's requirements for filtering effect, in other words, the quality of the filter bag better, Its filtering effect will also be relatively improved, Filter Bags so customers will be more satisfied with the filtering effect. For example, in our country, even in many countries of the world, some of the more famous enterprises, they are used in a number of good quality filter bags, and they use the filter bag as a filter cloth, and then in conjunction with a patent requirements of the filter structure of the ring, Filter Bags especially in some professional production equipment.

Filter bag materials have a variety of different types, so that customers in the choice, according to their actual needs to choose, and the size of the filter bag is also a lot of choice, so as to ensure that the filter bag can be widely used in any work environment. Generally speaking, if you choose the type of filter bag is a liquid filter bag, Filter Bags then by observing its ring, we will find it is a high-quality stainless steel material, some will also use some PP material or PE material as its main production of the ring mouth raw materials, Filter Bags and its bag bottom and top of the design is also a lot of different characteristics.

The filter bag uses the high speed industrial sewing machine without silicon oil to reduce the oil pollution problem; The whole welding filter bag adopts advanced hot melt seamless welding technology.

Filter bags are stitched or hot-melt solid, after the processing of the ring to place the container, Filter Bags with the unique design of the filter to form a tight seal.

Filter Bag filter precision range from 1-300 microns, the bag mouth can have stainless steel, Filter Bags galvanized iron rims, pe/pp work plastic sealing ring.

Filter bags are widely used in food and beverages, paints, chemicals, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals and other

The use of filter bags: petrochemical, automotive manufacturing, paint coating viscose, paint, electronic technology, metal processing, water treatment, Filter Bags pharmaceutical and food and beverage, such as a variety of low viscosity fluid filtration, for all types of impurities have excellent filtration effect.