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Filter Element
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Is filtering and purifying function of specialized terms, separation of fluid resources and resources in order to purify the simple device, now the filter is mainly used in the oil filter, air filter, water filtration and filtration industries.

Common species

Air filter

Air filter and air filter, air filter, style, etc. Mainly used in locomotives, cars, agricultural vehicles, engineering laboratories, aseptic room and a variety of precision air filtration in the operating room.

PP filter element

PP filter also known as PP melt-blown filter, melt blown filter cartridge made from polypropylene Microfiber hot melt tangled fibers are randomly to form three dimensional porous structure, weikongkong diameter distribution along the filtrate flows there is a gradient, set the dial and deep, precise filtration in one can retain impurities with different size. 0.5-100 μ m filter precision range, the flux is the same precision peak room filter 1.5 times more, different types of end cap connector can be configured to meet various installation needs.

Wirewound filter cartridge

With good filtering properties of textile fiber precision winding of yarn in refining the porous skeleton. The yarn material, acrylic fibers, cotton fiber and polypropylene fiber. Entangled by controlling the tightness of winding and sparse density of yarn, filters can be made into different accuracy, can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids, particles of various liquids, liquids have a high purifying effect.

Folded microporous filter

Folded microporous filter with pp (Polypropylene) thermal sprayed fiber, nylon (Nylonb) polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEE) microporous filter membrane filter media into precision filtration devices, with small size, large filter area, with high precision. Filtration accuracy range from 0.1 μ m to 60 μ m. Cartridge seal and the overall structure are made of hot-melt adhesive. Filter connectors for three international type: 222 header, 226, joints, mouth. Products have to undergo a rigorous integrity testing before delivery to ensure that product performance is stable.

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter cartridge there are two broad categories of products: compression type activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter in bulk.

1, compression type activated carbon filter with high adsorption of coal activated carbon and activated carbon from coconut shell as a filtering material, adhesive food grade sintered compression molding. Compression activated carbon filter respectively inside and outside covered with a layer of non-woven filter cloth to ensure that carbon core itself won't fall out of toner, carbon core with soft nitrile rubber gaskets at both ends, so that Mount carbon core filter cartridge has a good seal.

2, bulk-loaded activated carbon activated carbon filter will need particles into a special plastic shell, using welding equipment to end covers are welded to the ends of the shell, shell into both ends of filter nonwoven filter, ensuring that carbon carbon powder and black cores won't fall out while in use. According to the customer's needs, housing end caps can be made into a different type of connector.