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Filter With Good Filtration Performance
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Filter is to purify the original ecological resources and resources reuse, the filter is now mainly used in oil filtration, air filtration, water filtration and other filtration industries. Remove liquid or air in a small number of solid particles, can protect the normal work of equipment or clean air, when the fluid into a certain size filter filter, the impurities are blocked, and clean flow through the filter. Filter Cartridges Liquid filter makes the liquid (including oil, water, etc.) so that the contaminated liquid is purified to the production and life needs of the state, that is, the liquid to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness. Air to the polluted air is clean to production, life needs of the state, that is, the air to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness.

Selection method of filter cartridge:

1. The air chlorine flow in the technical parameters of the rated inlet filter should be greater than the rated intake of the engine.

2. The filtration material has the thickness, Filter Cartridges the tension resistance, the original air inlet resistance, the filtration precision and so on.

3. The imported diesel engine requires the air filtration precision to be 5μm, Filter Cartridges and the domestic diesel engine is smaller than the 20μm. 4. Filter Performance test

① Flow-resistance test-determination of air flow pressure loss.

② Original filtration efficiency test--can calculate the filter dust collection efficiency.

③ dust Removal capacity test and cumulative efficiency test--mouth paper and domestic paper two kinds. The selected filter must match the power, Filter Cartridges economy and reliability of the original engine.

Filter has good filtration performance, 2-200μm filter granularity can play a uniform surface filtration performance, the main filter material using multi-layer stainless steel sintering network, filtration accuracy of 0.5-200μm, the size of its shape can be processed according to user requirements.

Filter Characteristics:

1 Good filtration performance, 2-200μm filtration granularity can play a uniform surface filtration performance;

2 corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good wear resistance;

3 Filter hole uniformity, accurate filtration accuracy;

4 filter unit area of large flow;

5 filter is suitable for low temperature and high temperature environment, Filter Cartridges and can be reused after cleaning.

Application: Petrochemical, oil field pipeline filtration, refueling equipment, engineering machinery equipment fuel filtration, water treatment industry equipment filtration, pharmaceutical and food processing field; rated flow 80-200l/min working pressure 1.5-2.5pa filtration Area (m2) 0.01-0.20 filtration accuracy (μm) 2-200 μm filter stainless steel woven mesh stainless steel punching network used in heavy oil combustion system before water, can also be used for chemical liquid filtration, precision 100um, filter material is stainless steel round microporous network.

It is suitable for pretreatment and reprocessing systems in the industrial sectors of electronics, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. The water quality of low (less than 2~5mg/l) containing suspended impurities is further purified. Filter Material: The main filter used is stainless steel woven NET, Filter Cartridges stainless steel fiber sintered felt. Features: is conducive to ultra-low temperature, high-temperature, high-pressure;