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How To Make A Lasting Service Life Cartridge Filter
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Arrangement of cartridge dust collector is important, either vertically in the box on the plate or inclined arrangement on the plate, seen from the cleaning effect, vertical arrangement more reasonable. Plate the lower part of the filter room, upper room air-box pulsed. Cartridge dust collector airflow-distribution board installed at the entrance.

Extended filter cartridge life notes:

1, cartridge jam. Cartridge jam, resistance increased by increasing differential pressure gauge readings show. Cartridge jam cartridge caused abrasion, perforation, expulsion, such as the main reason.

Cartridge jam caused by reasons

(1) temporarily enhance the cleaning to remove cartridge jam;

(2) some or all of the replacement filter cartridges;

(3) adjust the installation and operating conditions.

2, cartridge damage. Shape of the cartridge and cartridge installation methods and institutions determine the position of cartridge easily damaged, this can be checked and repaired.

3, the aging of the cartridge. Mainly due to the following reasons, to carry out investigation and take measures to eliminate and replace the filter cartridge.

(1) hardening shrinkage due to unusually high temperatures;

(2) with acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor exposure-response;

(3) reacts with water properly

4, filter cloths should not hang too loose or too tight, too loose dust easily, too tight easy bad.

5, old and new cartridges should not be mixed, prevent damage to different devices work properly.

6, replaced cartridge, use compressed air blowing, check there are no holes, holes repaired left for replacement. As dust cartridge of paste, rinse, dry leave replacement.