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Introduction To Food And Beverage Filtration Bag
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Food filter bag is widely used in the food industry, including milk, fruit juice, mineral water, honey, wine, spirits, beer, wine, cooking oil, syrup, starch processing and so on. Major removal of particulate contamination in products, suspended solids, pulp, diatomaceous earth, and so on.

Filter bags of food at the time of production, our company strictly GMP standard control using class 10 clean room, staff operations shall wear clean clothing, wear clean gloves to ensure cleanliness of the filter bag production Silicon-free oil, dust-free and meet the high standards of production conditions.

Food and beverage characteristics of filter bags

Because food production is more and more high, people's requirement on the quality of life has improved, so the cleanliness of the filter bag, fibre shedding bacteria content, filter bag, filter, speed is becoming more important.

1. Food and cleanliness of the filter bag, production needs in line with national standards for food production.

2. food bag cloth making process must be made of long fiber, the fiber is distinguished from short fibres or blends, long fiber has excellent pull, better filtering effect, even if the pressure is too high, high impurity content, there will be no capillary loss and does not affect the quality of their products.

3. filter bags of food bacteria, such as filter bag finished products produced when ultraviolet germicidal, filter bag in accordance with sanitary, pharmaceutical-grade standard.

4. filter bags filtration velocity, mainly based on customer request filtering, you can design a bag filter, increased filtering pressure so as to improve filtering speed, increase the efficiency.