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Liquid Filter Bag With Acid And Alkali Resistance
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Liquid filter bags are varied, but which filter bag is really suitable for us to use it? How to choose? Need to remember the following:

1. Filter precision, which is one of the most troublesome problems. For example, to remove the visible particles, to use 25 micron liquid filter bag; to remove the liquid cloud, to use 1 or 5 micron filter; to filter the smallest bacteria will need 0.2 micron filter. Liquid Filter Bags The problem is that there are two units of filtering accuracy.

2. According to the viscosity of the filtration temperature, professional filter equipment suppliers can calculate how much of the filter, filter bag to bear much of the flow rate and to predict the initial pressure drop several. If you can provide impurities in the fluid content, Liquid Filter Bags or even predict the filtration life.

3. Filter material selection, first in accordance with the name of the fluid chemical to be filtered, according to the chemical taboo to find available filter, Liquid Filter Bags and then for its operating temperature, operating pressure, pH, operating conditions, one by one assessment, and remove not applicable Of the filter. Use is also an important consideration, such as drugs, Liquid Filter Bags food or cosmetics with the filter material must be FDA approved material; ultra-pure water to be selected pure, does not contain the release of impurities will affect the filter; Pick a hydrophobic material and whether it is needed.

4. The use of liquid filter bags, liquid filter bags and supporting the use of filters at the same time, the use of system fluid pressure, the liquid squeeze through the liquid filter bag, in order to achieve the purpose of filtration, its significant feature is no equipment investment, Liquid Filter Bags Especially for small size, multi-species, intermittent filtering.

Liquid filter bag made of PP material into a high-strength white nylon network, also known as nylon blended filter bag, generally 20-500 mesh, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, Liquid Filter Bags wear and high temperature and other characteristics, can be used repeatedly.

Liquid from the top or side of the filter bag into the filter bag, so that the liquid evenly distributed in the filter bag, the liquid through the filter bag after the liquid than their own mesh impurities directly trapped in the filter bag, the particles smaller than the mesh mesh Then through the mesh into the downstream, so the nylon monofilament filter bag to achieve the surface filtration, Liquid Filter Bags smooth surface is also easy to clean, easy to operate.

Liquid filter bags are widely used in a variety of liquid and dust particles in the production process, such as: food and beverage industry, bio-engineering and pharmaceutical industry, paint and ink industry and other electronics, ceramics, textile, printing and dyeing, fine chemicals, Petrochemical, paper and other industries a variety of liquid purification filtration, water treatment and other industrial environmental protection areas.