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Oil Filter Bags
- Oct 17, 2016 -

Oil filter bag has excellent hydrophobic soluble, oil absorption speed and absorption of oil, acid and alkali, organic solvent resistance, good tensile strength of folding.

This filter bag designed for the removal of trace oil content in liquid. Tiny fibers can use a synthetic oil in the filter larger tension snap it and can block small particles in a liquid. High efficiency material to adsorb 20 times its own weight in oil.

Melt blown polypropylene has excellent hydrophobic oil-absorbing cotton lipophilic, oil absorption speed and oil absorption capacity (15-20 times the weight, water absorption rate of less than 0.1 times). Acid and alkali, organic solvent resistance, good tensile strength of folding. Trace non-emulsified liquid hydrocarbons removed. The filter bags are not only clear oil, more in accordance with the required levels of particle removal.

High-quality oil filter oil/oil filter bag of the new structure of the core formed by the multilayer 100% pure polypropylene melt-blown, melt-blown polypropylene with lipophilic, filter cloth consisting of adsorption properties of oil, and has better oil filter efficiency.

Product features

1. high oil absorption capacity, rapid absorption of up to 23 times times its own weight of various types of oil

2. all conform to FDA requirements sanitary Wick filter material, do not contain Silicon-pollution

3. the multilayered structure of deep bed filtration

4. dual effect. Oil absorption and intercepted impurities

5. the range of 1 to 100 Micron accuracy, accuracy of nominal

6. supporting the use of efficient and leak-proof patented plastic seal ring

7. Universal filter material chemical compatibility

8. filter materials after professional fiber free-surface treatment

9. cutting slag, long service life

10. best replace the differential pressure of 0.10 MPa, maximum not exceeding 0.16 MPa LCR oil filter application in electro-coating in the automotive manufacturing process; at the same time improve the quality can quickly and effectively remove silicone oils in the bath to avoid shrinkage generated special design does not retain the pigments in the paint ingredients.