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Plate And Frame Filter Press Cloth Selection Principle And Method
- Oct 17, 2016 -

(1) according to the chemical and physical properties of materials, select a filter cloth material. The filter cloth suppliers as much as possible to provide detailed technical information, reference can be selected.

(2) according to the filtering accuracy requires that you select the permeability of the filter cloth (maximum retention size). May refer to the filter cloth suppliers to provide maximum retention of primary particle size and other technical parameters. Filter cloth to filter the initial filtration accuracy played a very important role, but the initial filter when higher accuracy is not good, filter precision can meet the minimum requirements to be considered. Pressure filter in the filter for some time after forming a filtering layer, blockage of the filter cloth are small, really fine filtration effect of foot "filters" to form a good filter is a filter to use the key.

(3) the stripping performance of filter cake. Select filter cake when stripping performance. Smooth surface of the filter cloth, filter cakes stripped quickly, complete filtration time, efficiency is high. Adhesion of filter cake on the filter cloth is not easy to peel, you will extend the operation time of filter press and reduced efficiency. If you want to replace the filter cloth, time will be longer. Now commonly used van-type pressure filter, filter replacements for more trouble. Choose monofilament filter cloth than multifilament and staple fiber filter cake discharge performance, select a satin weave cake discharge is better than flat weave filter cloth.

(4) regeneration of the filter cloth. Also note that when you select a filter select regeneration properties of filter cloth. Regeneration performance of filter cloth can be directly on the filter cloth washing, reducing the number of change. Replace filter cloth after simple processing (drying, washing etc) restore the filtration efficiency to more than 80%.

(5) in filtering experiments. Filter presses use technology is an experimental technology. After the initial selection of the filter cloth to the original material (without changing the nature of material and process conditions) filtration experiment is very important. Filtration of material of galley proof experiment. visit the filter cloth filter rates, retention effect, moisture content of filter cake, cake discharge, regeneration properties.