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The Filter Bag Is An Essential Filtration Tool
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Filter bag mainly by the electronics industry, hospitals, laboratories and other environmental protection industry ventilation projects.

The filter bag adopts stainless steel galvanized technology in the pipe mouth, which is safe when used and can prevent side leakage.

What are the characteristics of the filter bag in development?

With the development of society, filtration products widely used in all parts of our lives, has become an essential filter tools, filtered into a healthy part of people's lives, so, filter bag, bag filter with the development of different styles, so, filter bags endless, Filter Bags we look at its characteristics;

The filter bag is generally 21 mm thickness aluminum frame or galvanized box, each filter bag is preceded by an aluminum groove, followed by a metal reinforced bar fixed, Filter Bags increase the screen strength, and prevent the filter bag at high wind speed, due to the friction of wind shear rupture. Non-woven filter bag each filter bag has six pieces of septum evenly in the bag width, to prevent the filter bag with excessive expansion of the wind pressure, mutual shielding, reduce the effective filtration area and efficiency.

Ultrasonic Sealing Edge: Each filter bag edge is fused by ultrasonic mode, with good air tightness and bonding strength, no leakage or rupture. Synthetic fiber filter bag, Non-woven fabric filter bag using super synthetic fiber to the special weaving method, to avoid the old glass fiber material may cause discomfort to the human body. Filter material contains electrostatic fiber, this micron dust filtration efficiency is particularly good, Filter Bags with high volume of dust and high permeability, high service life and so on.

This shows that the filter bag widely appeared in various fields, for our life has brought great help, Filter Bags I believe that in the near future filter bags will be able to create a different vision for our country to make more contributions.