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The Filter Bag Is Used In A Wide Range
- May 26, 2017 -

In our present life, the use of filter bags more and more frequently, for many industries filter bag is indispensable things, but how to use the filter bag?

First check the installation filter bag specifications and filter interface is consistent, and check the filter bag for quality defects. The filter bag must be used with the support net and close to the inner wall of the support net and check the inner wall of the support net for burrs. When the filter upstream and downstream difference in the 1-1.5kg should replace the new filter bag. Filter bags are usually made of PP, PE, NMO materials, Filter Bags these materials are weak hydrophilic, the fiber surface is not easy to get wet water, so before use, have to use other low surface tension of the liquid it is wet, Before the filter bag must be immersed in the filter liquid pre-wet, the fiber wet, Filter Bags the liquid is due to capillary action was sucked into the filter, thus effectively reducing the initial pressure loss.

Filter bag main fabric selection of the world's highest standards with the industry's special liquid filter material. All raw materials are white, without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, in full compliance with food-grade standards.

Due to the three-dimensional filter layer of the needle felt, the liquid flows through the filter bag, and the particles are trapped in the inner wall surface and the deep layer of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtration mechanism, and have high collection efficiency for solid or colloidal particles. Filter Bags Acupuncture felt thickness uniformity, stable perforation rate and sufficient strength to filter bag efficiency and stability, the use of longer time. Five-wire double needle the most tight sewing, to ensure that each liquid filter bag to achieve the best filter protection.

Use a wide range, applicable to the food industry, liquid filtration. Filter bags commonly used in the following areas: food and beverage: beer, wine, wine, Filter Bags rice wine, fruit juice, beverages, dairy products, edible oil, spices and other liquid material (sterilization) filter.

Filter bag profile:

1, the filter bag is mainly used in the chemical industry, liquid filtration, its main function is to filter chemical liquid particles in the impurities, surface suspending agent, catalyst, gelatin, activated carbon, grinding particles and so on. Filter bag in the 1-25 micron filter accuracy, Filter Bags there is this can not replace the function, while the most cost-effective filtering method, which is one of the best-selling filter bag.

2, the filter bag can withstand a variety of complex conditions, strong acid, high viscosity, high temperature, high impurity content, only need to provide real on-site conditions, you can choose the most suitable for the production of filter bags.

3, the filter bag filter effect is relatively good, we use the inner ring in the ring, tightly sealed through the pressure plate, there will not be side leakage situation, while the bag bag with hot melt process, and the traditional line Sewing process will appear 800-1200μm side leakage, which in the filter bag will not appear on such a problem.

Features of filter bags:

1, the price of filter bags affordable: Compared with the same filter products, filter, filter press, centrifuge compared to the use of filters as the flow of less than the filter bag, so need to add more filter filter, so the cost of the product , Filter Bags The cost of manual replacement, the cost of waste disposal will be greatly improved. The centrifuge in use, there is a big security risk, while the centrifuge power is high, the electricity is also a small sum of overhead. So the synthesis of the above said, chemical filter using the filter bag will be the best choice.

2. Filter bag filter effect: filter bag using the international standard EATON inner loop, bag body using all the hot melt process. This will ensure that when the filter will not appear side leakage, and hot melt process can also be the largest filter to avoid leakage at the side of the problem.

3, filter bags for extreme conditions: filter bags used as a chemical industry in the liquid filter bag, the challenge to the situation is sometimes more extreme, and the filter bag can be very good to withstand PH1-14 this acid Range, CPS viscosity of 70000, temperature 120 ° or less. Impurity content is too high, high flow requirements filter bag supporting the use of multi-bag filter can solve the problem.

Application of filter bags:

1, the recovery of activated carbon: In the process of chemical production, we usually use activated carbon to absorb the smell of liquid and color, in this process, Filter Bags the activated carbon will be fully dissolved into the liquid, this time will need to filter Bag to filter the liquid activated carbon, full filtration, so that chemical liquid to achieve customer satisfaction.

2, the catalyst recovery: the catalyst in the chemical industry is the use of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, whether it is sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry are essential, the use of catalyst to speed up the process, with the liquid to form a new Suspended solids reaction, this time using a filter bag to filter the reaction of the catalyst formed by the suspension, as well as the remaining unreacted catalyst. The filter bag is the most suitable filter product.

3, paint paint: filter bags in the paint coating production process, is the most widely used filtering. As a result of the special coating of paint production process, the internal will add color, resin, tackifier and other products, it is necessary to use the filter bag to filter the internal resin gelatin, grinding pigment particles, storage contaminants and so on.