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The Liquid Filter Bag Meets The Requirements For Efficient Filtration
- May 26, 2017 -

Application of liquid filter bag in food and beverage industry

Food and beverage wines, spirits and beer removal of suspended solids, sediment, edible oil in the removal and polishing of particles, the removal of carbon black in cellulose, gelatin, liquid syrup, Liquid Filter Bags syrup, corn syrup polishing and interception of sugar Carbon ink and filter aid, starch processing, milk processing and soft drinks in the mud removal, pre-filling security filter, a variety of process water, syrup and other raw materials filter to remove the impurities in the process to reconcile.

Application of liquid filter bag in fine chemical industry

Chemical catalyst recovery, filtration pipe system impurities, polishing process media, alkaline and acidic liquids as well as solvents, emulsions and dispersions for filtration, removal of resins in gel, acrylic and viscose emulsions. In the fine chemical industry, Liquid Filter Bags activated carbon or catalyst removal is a typical example of the high standard requirements for chemical treatment. Carpenter filter bag can not only meet the requirements of high efficiency filtration, but also extend the service life and improve reliability.

Application of liquid filter bag in petroleum industry

Petrochemicals Lubricants, Filtering of Fuel Additives, Recovery of Oil Recovery, Recovery of Ammonia Solutions, Glycol Filtration, Ethylene Glycol Liquid Filtration, Gas Purification Process, Distillation and Cracking Process, Amine Detergent, Marine Filter Shore filter station), Liquid Filter Bags oil drilling and injection of liquid, drilling oil and spray solution.

Application of liquid filter bag in water treatment industry

Water treatment wells water filtration, water treatment plants, in addition to mud, pipe to remove dirt or calcification, raw water filtration, filtration treatment of waste water chemicals, ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane pre-protection, blocking floc, Substances, the membrane of the purification of the pre-filtration, Liquid Filter Bags interception of ion exchange resin, seawater in addition to sand and algae removal, ion exchange resin recovery, calcium deposition removal, chemical treatment for water treatment, cold water tower device dust.

Liquid filter bag applications

Food & Beverage:

Beer, wine, wine, sake, sake, liquor, rice wine, fruit juice, bottled water, tea drinks, soy milk, dairy products, edible oil, vinegar, monosodium glutamate and other food additives manufacturing process purification and sterile treatment.

Bioengineering and Medicine:

(LVP and SVP) pharmaceutical water, process gas, biological products, plasma serum, a variety of pharmaceutical intermediates, Liquid Filter Bags pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtration, fermentation tank intake and tail gas sterilization filter.

Petrochemical and chemical:

Lubricating oil, aviation coal and various oil, catalyst, viscose, polymer, resin, hydrogen peroxide, chemical fiber manufacturing process in a variety of fluid purification, valuable chemical intermediate products and chemical products separation and recovery.

Car manufacturer:

Electrophoretic paint, pretreatment liquid, topcoat, ultrafiltration water, engine crankshaft manufacturing coolant, vehicle spray water, paint with process gas and paint room gas purification.

Oil and gas:

Natural gas and refinery separation and purification, filling station CNG filtration, amine liquid desulfurization and dehydration solvent filtration, Liquid Filter Bags oil field water injection and completion, workover, acidification liquid filtration.

Electronic and electroplating:

Integrated circuits, kinescopes, liquid crystal displays, photoresist, optical discs, copper foil and other microelectronics and electronic products manufacturing process of various chemicals and treatment, electroplating solution, process gas purification and purification gas filtration.

Paint, paint ink:

Latex paint, paint raw materials and solvent filtration, printing inks, printing inks and additives.

Other Industries:

Nuclear and fire shop and waste liquid filtration, film production process liquid filtration, daily chemical liquid and gas purification, mechanical processing and refrigeration industry various coolant filtration, textile, printing and dyeing, paper industry, a variety of liquid purification.