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The Production Process Of Liquid Filter Bag Is Good
- Sep 25, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of industry, liquid filter bags gradually into our life, work range, and show a very outstanding role.

Liquid filter Bag manufacturing materials are generally polyester, polypropylene, nylon, non-woven fabrics and other materials, polyester is more rough, pp more smooth, nylon more transparent, non-woven soft and so on, and, precision can be from 0.5 microns-200 microns, sealing degree is good. Liquid Filter Bags Whether the choice of material or precision, let the liquid filter bag greatly increased the use of liquid filter bags, to facilitate people's various needs.

Do not pollute the environment

Liquid filtration Bag is the use of industrial sewing mode of production, in the use of the process, there will be no silicone oil pollution situation, Liquid Filter Bags to achieve the role of environmental protection.

Production process is good

The production of liquid filter bag, the use of advanced technology, greatly increase the sealing of liquid filter bag, thus reducing the chance of filter bag side leakage, improve efficiency and realize more economic benefits.

Low cost and good benefit

The Liquid filter bag uses the high performance fiber the production craft, in each production link, the science and technology development, lets the enterprise production cost to be improved, Liquid Filter Bags will obtain the big harvest which reduces the cost from the small management.

Liquid filter Bag As one of the components of the filter, the liquid filter bag is undoubtedly the most critical part of the filtration process, liquid filter bag is called the heart of the filter, so the reason is because the liquid filter bag to a large extent determine the user's filtering effect. The liquid filter bag produced by the Carpenter Qi selects the filter cloth produced by the famous enterprise, and passes through the testing of the layer layer of the carpenter's singularity. The use of professional production equipment manufacturing. Liquid Filter Bags My company liquid filter bag material variety, complete specifications. Can be targeted to meet the application of various fields.

Liquid filter Bag is a newly developed bag filter system, and the working principle of liquid filter bag is pressure filtration. The entire equipment consists of three areas: bag filter, support basket and liquid filter bag. The liquid that is about to be filtered is injected from the top or side of the bag filter, Liquid Filter Bags then through the basket support is a liquid filter bag, so that the liquid filter bag evenly diffuse, there is no adverse effect of turbulence; the filter after the bag filter particles are intercepted in the liquid filter bag, easy to change.