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The Use Of Filter Bags Is Very Extensive
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Now people's awareness of environmental protection is very strong, so the use of filter bags is very extensive, in hospitals, laboratories, schools, computer rooms and so on occasions have the use of filter bags, Filter bag It can be used in air conditioning, Filter Bags so as long as there is air-conditioning to use the place, filter bag has played a very big role, the use of filter bag what kind of benefits?

1 Filter Bag It uses the production of industrial sewing, so it is not in the process of using silicone oil pollution such problems appear in life.

2 in the use of the filter bag, it uses advanced technology, Filter Bags in use will not have the phenomenon of needle marks side leakage phenomenon, it is in the production process is very good.

3 in the use of filter bags, it is also the use of stainless steel solder welding technology, so that the possibility of the side leakage becomes very small, Filter Bags because its technical use can be very good to improve its sealed degree, and thus the wetness of its error becomes very small, and the tightness becomes higher.

4 Filter bag also has very good filtration precision, the use of the filter material is also very good, so that its quality greatly improved.

What role does the filter bag play in the filter? As one of the other important parts of the filter, whether it is any product, Filter Bags its quality determines the user's filtration efficiency to a large extent.

Fruit。 is also a key part of the filtration process, the choice of filter bags generally should be selected by world-renowned enterprises produced by the filter cloth, and the use of professional production equipment made from, preferably with a patent Structure Ring mouth.

Therefore, in the selection of filter bags should also be based on their own needs to choose.

Filter bags generally according to their own performance is divided into many types, Filter Bags each has its own characteristics, the filter bag is mainly the following four characteristics:

1. The filter bag mouth suture is improved without a high protrusion, so there is no occurrence of the lateral leakage phenomenon without the needle.

2. Filter bag material is divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon filter bag type, filter precision range of wide precision high.

3. Filter Bag Filter label product Specification model labels all choose easy to remove the way, the purpose is to prevent filter bags in use label and ink on the pollution of the phenomenon of filtrate.

4. The filter bag will not cause the problem of silicone oil pollution, because the design of the use of silicon-free oil cooling high-speed industrial sewing machine production.

There is an air-conditioning system filter bag, air-conditioning system filter bag according to the efficiency level is also divided into three forms, they are: initial effect filter bag, medium effect filter bag, high efficiency filter bag. However, air conditioning System filter Bag According to different materials can be divided into synthetic fiber filter bag, glass fiber filter bag and non-woven cloth filter bag. Regardless of the type of filter bag, the design of the outer frame is generally aluminum box or galvanized box material, Non-woven filter bag also has its own characteristics, each bag evenly divided into bags, is to prevent the filter bag with the excessive expansion of the wind pressure caused by the safety problems.