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There Are Many Types Of Filter Bags
- Aug 11, 2017 -

As a result of people's awareness of environmental protection, filter bags have gradually been widely used in some school rooms, hospitals, laboratories and other places will use the filter bag, and even filter bags in air conditioning have a good use, then, What is the benefit of the bag in the end? First of all, from the production of filter bags, the filter bag is the use of industrial sewing production methods, Filter Bags when used is not silicone oil pollution, is special sanitary. Second, the filter bag is made of advanced technology, is not the phenomenon of eye defects and side leakage, its production process is quite good. Again, the filter bag has a very good filtration accuracy, and its filter material is also very good, the effect is very significant. Finally, there is a liquid filter bag, this filter bag is used in stainless steel welding technology, greatly reducing the chance of leakage side of the filter bag, this technology can be a good way to improve the degree of sealing bag, making the error reduced, sealed The degree becomes high.

The use of different raw materials filter bag filter effect will be different, if you need to filter bags, Filter Bags according to their own needs for production. Filter bag can be divided into two kinds of air filter bags and liquid filter bags, then the two kinds of filter bags have their own what role?

First, the air filter bag

Air filter bags can be divided into air conditioning filter bags and dust bags. These two kinds of filter bags and filter effect is different, Filter Bags air conditioning system filter bag is mainly used to filter air supply system air dust particles, not easy to produce leakage or rupture, air tightness is very good, in the industrial system exhaust emissions, Filtration is good. Air filter bag permeability, life is very high, in the filter of small dust particles when the effect is very good.

Air filter bags in which industry has a wide range of applications? Mainly by the electronics industry, hospitals, laboratories and other environmental protection industry ventilation projects.

Here to introduce dust bag. Dust bag is also in the bag filter supporting the bag, dust bag with a high precision filter, good ventilation, high strength, Filter Bags anti-acid and alkali corrosion and so on.

Dust bag products are mainly used in power plants, steel, food processing, road construction and other industries.

Second, the liquid filter bag

How is the liquid filter bag produced? Which industry is used in it? What is the filter principle of liquid filter bags? Liquid filter bag production is the use of silicone oil cooling high-speed industrial sewing machine for suture, side leakage phenomenon does not occur. Filter Bags Liquid filter bag in the nozzle with stainless steel galvanized technology, in use will not be dangerous, very safe, but also to prevent side leakage.

In the industrial production and processing, Filter Bags liquid filter bags are mainly used in industrial electroplating, industrial liquid use, as well as food, chemicals, coatings and other industries, liquid filter bags of high mechanical strength, so the chemical will also be used, and Can be used repeatedly.