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Stainless Steel Filter Parts

We can provide you with a variety of Stainless Steel Filter Parts, such as stainless steel mesh in various shapes and sizes.
The sintered mesh filter is a single or multiple layer of diffusion bonded woven mesh. It is easy to process. High-quality materials make it perfect for cutting, bending, stretching, welding and other procedures. The filter disc has several important filtration properties through precision sintering and calendering. Its outstanding features are high mechanical strength, high compressive strength and stable mesh. It has good processing, welding and assembly performance and is easy to use. Sintered filter discs are economical filter media for critical areas such as hydraulics, valves, pumps, and servos.
This Stainless Steel Filter Parts is suitable for low temperature and high temperature environments. It can be used again after cleaning. Therefore, this product is widely used in filtration, washing, drying three-in-one medicinal filter plates and human and animal drug filtration industries. It is suitable for screening and filtration under acid and alkali environmental conditions, which can be used as a mud net in the petroleum industry, as a sieve filter in the chemical fiber industry, and as a pickling net in the electroplating industry.
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